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Readers Respond: Find the Best Kentucky Derby Party

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From the Barnstable Brown Gala to the Kroger Fest-A-Ville on the waterfront, there are a ton of different Derby parties going on in Louisville during Kentucky Derby weekend. But which are worth going to and which are a waste of time? Share your favorites with the rest of us who are dying to know where we'll have the most fun during Derby weekend.

Phoenix Hill Tavern

You've got to experience Derby at Phoenix Hill Tavern at least once in your life! They're open pretty much all night, they have fabulous bands, and there are TONS of people. It's a blast. My girlfriends and I go every year.
—Guest Kelley

The Mint Jubilee

I love the Mint Jubilee. It has the glamour of the Barnstable Brown Gala without all the snobs and stiffness.
—Guest FlowerGirl

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