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Louisville News and Media Outlets

A guide to Louisville’s news and media outlets. Includes information on Louisville newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television stations. Find local blogs and websites of interest to residents of Kentuckiana.
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Top 10 Kentucky Baby Names
What are the most popular baby names in Kentucky?

Eating a Plant-Based Diet
Going vegan isn't difficult. Make friends, dine out, or cook at home (there are tips on how to make fantastic hummus) while adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer Lawrence
Film star Jennifer Lawrence was born and raised in Louisville, KY.

Louisville News Sources
Whether you prefer to get your news by watching TV, reading a newspaper, or scrolling through your RSS feed, there are plenty of sources in every medium that offer Louisville news.

Louisville News Channels
There are four major Louisville news channels: WDRB, WHAS, WAVE, and WLKY. These four stations offer several local news shows at different times of the day on both weekdays and weekends.

Best Louisville News Channel
There are four major Louisville local news stations. Here, you'll find out which are worth watching and which you should avoid.

Louisville Websites
Louisville websites can be a great source for information on local businesses and a great place to find event and attraction listings.

Louisville Blogs
Louisville blogs can be a great source of local news, events, and opinions, but they can also be really hard to find.

Louisville Temperatures
What is the weather in Louisville, KY? How hot does it get? How cold?

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