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Review of Danger Run Louisville

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Review of Danger Run Louisville
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Though I've lived in Louisville most of my life, I didn't do my first Danger Run until I was 26 years old. I assumed that it would take an hour and that it wouldn't be too terribly difficult, but I was completely wrong. Three hours into the run and six pages through the clues, I was lost in Sellersburg with no idea of where to go next. Turning around and going home was disappointing after so much time and effort, but Danger Run was still the best Louisville Halloween attraction I've ever experienced.

What Is Danger Run?

Danger Run tests your ability to solve riddles by seeing how well you can follow directions that are given in limericks. A knowledge of the area isn't required at all (trust me, we drove through areas of Kentuckiana I didn't know existed), but it helps in the event that you get horribly lost, a real possibility. The object of the game is to follow the route as directed by the clues as closely as possible. The car of people whose mileage is closest to that of the actual route at the end of the Halloween season wins a considerable cash prize.

Where Does Danger Run Take You?

We literally drove all over Kentuckiana. We started at the Lowe's on Dixie Highway and ended in Sellersburg in Southern Indiana. At different points in the night we were on 7th Street, Popular Level, and Lewis and Clark Parkway.

Is Danger Run Worth the Cost?

Absolutely. We expected the route to take an hour at most, but we were horribly wrong. We started at 8 p.m. and quit at 1 a.m., and we weren't even able to finish the course. Of course, we did stop for hamburgers at one point to take a break. Admission to Danger Run also gets each person in your car tickets to two different haunted houses in Kentuckiana, a $10 gas card (for carloads of three or more participants), and free food from Dairy Queen at no additional cost.

Danger Run Tips

Read each clue all of the way through before deciding which direction to head. We got turned around a couple of times because we didn't read the entire clue before we started following the clue's directions. Have someone laid-back drive. Go with friends and not just a spouse or significant other to avoid getting into an "Amazing Race" fight and ruining the night. Finally, start early. I wish we had gotten there as soon as Danger Run opened. Light is a precious thing to have when you're trying to look for subtle clues in your surroundings.

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