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Louisville Movie Theaters and Listings


From the Kentucky Center for the Arts to Baxter Avenue Theater, there are a ton of places in Louisville to catch the hottest movie. If you're heading out to catch a movie tonight, you'll want to know where to find all of the Louisville movie theaters and listings. Kentuckiana is home to several multi-screen movie theaters, two IMAX theaters, and a drive-in movie theater.


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Tinseltown is a multi-screen movie theater in Middletown with stadium seating and a large selection of concessions.

Village 8

Village 8 is a discount movie theater in Louisville's East End that has moved away from playing primarily second-run movies to playing more artistic and non-mainstream films.

Baxter Avenue Theater

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Baxter Avenue Theater is the premiere multiplex in Louisville for small independent, foreign, and art films. Matinee, peak evening, and midnight showings of "campy" classics are all available for the versatility of almost anyone's schedule.

Great Escape River Falls

Located in Clarksville, Indiana, at the location of the old River Falls mall, the Great Escape River Falls is one of Kentuckiana's newest movie theaters

Cinema De Lux 20: Stoneybrook

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The old J-Town Stoneybrook Cinemas are now known as Cinema De Lux 20. Stadium seats and an IMAX theater are the biggest draws to Cinema De Lux 20, though their ticket prices are amongst the highest in town.

Great Escape 16

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The Great Escape 16 is located off of Charlestown Road in New Albany, Indiana, and features stadium seating, rocking chair love seats, and digital sound.

Dixie Dozen

Dixie Dozen is located off of Dixie Highway and is a popular hangout for Valley Station, Fairdale, and Shivley teenagers.

Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinemas moved to Okolona after closing its Bardstown Road location several years ago. Showcase Cinemas sports 16 screens and has stadium seating.

Georgetown Drive-In

The Georgetown Drive-In in Georgetown, Indiana, is the last remaining drive-in movie theater in Kentuckiana. Just outside of New Albany, the Georgetown Drive-In has two theater screens, a kid's playground, and a concession booth. It is open seasonally.

Louisville Science Center IMAX

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The Louisville Science Center is an interactive learning center with more than 150 exhibits and a four-story IMAX Theater. Films shown at the Louisville Science Center IMAX are generally educational in nature.


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Kentucky Show! is a 32-minute long film that is shown in a 100-seat theater at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. KentuckyShow! plays six days a week and is the only film shown at the Kentucky Center movie theater.

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