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Thunder Over Louisville 2014



When is Thunder Over Louisville 2014?
In 2014, Thunder Over Louisville is scheduled for April 12.

What is Thunder Over Louisville?
Thunder is a firework display over the Ohio River. The event marks the beginning of Derby season, weeks of parties, festivals, balloon glows, races, carnivals and more prior to Kentucky Derby.

If you are planning to take advantage of all that Derby season has to offer, be sure to pick up a Pegasus Pin. After paying a small fee, you can don the pin and use it for free access to over 30 festival events, including the Great Balloon events, the parade preview party and all the events at Kroger’s Fest-A-Ville.

Why is it called Thunder Over Louisville?
According to local lore, producers of the firework display were discussing the impact of the show after the 1990 event. During that conversation, the show was likened to thunder, because of the scale and impact of so many fireworks. It was decided the show needed a name to convey the intensity, and Thunder Over Louisville was born.

Where can I watch the firework display?
Here's the thing about Thunder Over Louisville, over 500,000 spectators head to the river each year to take in the show.

  • Waterfront Park. If you are willing to brave the crowds, head downtown and claim a spot along the Ohio River. Many families bring a blanket and camp out for the day. There is entertainment throughout the area, such as food vendors, rides, plenty of people watching and, of course, the air show.
  • The Galt House. Located on the river, the Galt House offers prime views and a reprieve from the crowds. Of course, you need to pay to participate. Tickets usually include food and festivities, prices are typically $100+ per person.
  • The Cressman Center. Just because you go to a ticketed event doesn't mean you need to break the bank. For instance, at the Cressman Center, admission includes refreshments, clean/indoor bathrooms (this is important and missing from the Waterfront Park experience), a couple movie screenings and an opportunity to watch students blowing hot glass. The building is not located on the water, some choose to walk the few blocks to the riverfront once the fireworks begin.
  • Iroquois Park. I know, I know, Iroquois Park is nowhere near the river, but it has a clear view of downtown. If you want to steer clear of crowds, listen to the festivities on the radio and take in the fireworks from this South Louisville location.

Who works on Thunder Over Louisville?
A lot of people. There are not only professionals in charge of the fireworks themselves, there are police, cleaning crews, vendors, and community organizations. It is estimated over 2,000 people work to make Thunder Over Louisville possible.

How old is Thunder Over Louisville?
Since the 1960s fireworks have been part of Derby Festival celebrations, displays smaller than Thunder and shown in different areas of Jefferson County, but in 1990 an official opening ceremony for Derby season was introduced. This kick off was held at Cardinal Stadium and was retooled for the next year. In 1991, the event was officially named Thunder Over Louisville and located downtnow. Since then, crowds flock to the Ohio River every year, especially now that there is an air show to entertain the crowds during daylight hours. The air show has grown over the years, it is now ranked as one of the top 5 air shows in the USA.

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