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Review of Joe Huber's Restaurant in Starlight Indiana

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Review of Joe Huber's Restaurant in Starlight Indiana
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I should start by saying that I'm not as big of a fan of southern cooking as many of the people in Louisville. The truth is that I prefer enchiladas and sushi to liver and fried chicken. I'm not sure why – at one point in my life my favorite meals consisted of meat, mashed potatoes, and gravy. But, at some point the desire to eat food that immediately makes me want to take a nap wore off, so I probably didn't appreciate the food at Huber's Restaurant in Starlight, Indiana, as much as I should have.

The Experience

Huber's Farm is a great place to spend the day with your family. There are plenty of activities for children of all ages and adults alike - there's a petting zoo, an ice cream shop, a winery, an orchard, a restaurant, and playgrounds galore. At some point in your day at Huber's Farm, you're going to get hungry. Seeing as you're out in the middle of nowhere, you're probably going to choose to eat at Huber's Restaurant rather than drive all of the way back into town for lunch or dinner.

The Food

Joe Huber's Family Restaurant specializes in traditional southern dishes. Many of their menu items come fresh from their farm and orchard, so their menu changes depending on what is currently in season. All of their food is also prepared from scratch.

Huber's has appetizer, salad, sandwich, supper, and dessert offerings. Its appetizers include items such as hot wings and fried zucchini, and its supper items include fried chicken, country ham, and catfish. Every meal comes with fried bread and apple butter, and both beer and wine from Huber's Winery are available.

The Service

I have no real complaints or compliments about the service at Joe Huber's Restaurant. The wait staff was cordial without being overly friendly, and the food and drinks arrived without ordeal and in a reasonable amount of time.


We headed out to Joe Huber's Family Farm and Restaurant to take my daughter to the petting zoo at the Children's Farm Park. After the long ride out to Starlight, Indiana, and the hours we spent feeding goats and geese, we were all three starving and decided to grab lunch at Huber's Restaurant. When we entered, the hostess immediately asked if we had a reservation, which was odd because there were plenty of tables open. Still, I guess it's a good idea to make a reservation if you're planning on visiting the restaurant.

Huber's has coloring mats and crayons for kids, which is a fantastic thing when you're dining with a three-year old. We poured over the menu and ordered our food and drinks, and then the server brought out what I thought was the best part of the meal – the fried rolls. These delicious appetizers are fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with homemade apple butter. We ate two full baskets of these between the three of us before our food arrived.

I think I nearly suffered a heart attack just looking at the food when they brought our entrees to the table. My husband had the Fried Chicken and Livers, and it was literally two plates of fried chicken parts. I ordered the Huber Honey Ham, and I believe we could have shared only it and both been satisfied. Even my daughter's kids meal was a lot more than we needed.

The food was good, but I can't lie and say it was fantastic. It wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't spectacular. By the time I finished eating, I was overly full and ready to take a three-hour nap, though we still had an hour drive back home. I make this comment a lot, but I wish that more restaurants would start serving smaller portions and charging less for them. I don't really need to take three boxes of leftovers home.


  • Fried Rolls
  • Huber Honey Ham
  • Fried Chicken Livers


  • Meals are cooked from scratch
  • Good southern food


  • Oversized portions
  • Heavy food
  • Distant location
User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Saturday evening dinner, Member TomEarnhart

It had been many years since I had been to this establishment. Along with a group of 5 others, I revisited Huber's restaurant on Saturday 15 May. The restaruant was not busy, but the service was exceedingly slow. Although friendly, our server seemed to be in a state of confusion and was very slow just in bringing the initial drinks. Follow up refills were also very slow. The meals were average at very best. (The amount of food however was generous.) Although home cooked southern food and farm raised food is their claim to fame, the quality and preparation of the food was certainly not of the standard as rumored to be true. Within the group, we were served honey ham (very fatty and non descript), chicken (greasy and again non descript), chicken and dumplings (starchy and pastey) mashed potatos (just plain nasty) and corn (OK). In summary, average or below average food, very slow and ineffective service and considering all, expensive.

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