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How to Find Louisville Jobs


Monster and Career Builder are great job search websites if you're looking for Louisville jobs with the city's major corporations, but most of the locally-owned and small-business Louisville jobs can't be found by placing your resume online and waiting for a call. However, there are several ways you can use the Internet to find your dream job in Louisville. These online resources are great places to find Louisville jobs through every local employer.

Louisville Works

Louisville Works is an awesome job search engine that compiles job listings from many of city's companies both large and small. Best of all, the ads are free from advertising, and you don't have to sift through dozens of national ads for jobs stuffing envelopes to find the real, local jobs. Additionally, when you apply for a job through Louisville Works, you'll receive an email when the job has been filled, so you'll always know whether or not you're still in the running for a position.

Louisville Craigslist

When my husband graduated from college, he put an ad on Craigslist stating what he was looking for in a job as well as his qualifications, and within a week he had talked to at least 20 employers by phone and email about different positions around the city. Craigslist is the new big thing because employers don't have to pay to post their ads, so many more are choosing Craigslist over the Courier-Journal. You can look at the Louisville jobs on Craigslist by field, or you can click the "Jobs" heading and look at all of the jobs posted by date.

Business Websites

You could sit down and call every employer you're interested in working for individually to see if they're hiring, but you're probably going to save a lot of time if you simply check their websites for job postings. Many local employers only list their job openings on their websites, so you won't find their opportunities posted on Craigslist or Career Builder. Sometimes the employment page is buried deep within the company's website, so it might take a little searching to find it. If you're not having any luck, try searching "jobs" or "employment" through the website's search box, or if there's not a search box on the website, try typing the company name followed by "jobs" or "employment" into Google or another search engine.

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