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Top 10 Frankfort Ave. Restaurants


Many Frankfort Ave. restaurants have been awarded Louisville Magazine Best of Louisville and LEO Weekly Reader's Choice awards. These 10 Frankfort Ave. restaurants showcase the best food that Clifton and Crescent Hill have to offer.

Basa Modern Vietnamese

Basa Modern Vietnamese is operated by chefs Michael and Steven Ton, brothers and immigrants from South Vietnam. The Tons opened Basa Modern Vietnamese in Clifton in 2007. Basa is unique in Louisville because of its traditional Vietnamese menu filled with items that are prepared using local ingredients and modern food preparation techniques.

El Mundo

El Mundo is a Clifton Mexican restaurant known around town for having amazing food and fantastic margaritas. One common complaint about El Mundo is that the service (somewhat like self-service) can be poor and the ambiance is less like a restaurant and more like a bar. However, if you love authentic Mexican food, you'll be able to ignore the restaurant's faults and focus on the amazing flavors of Mexico you can find at El Mundo.

Grape Leaf

Grape Leaf is a much-loved local Mediterranean restaurant known for their fabulous gyros. Some can find the menu at Grape Leaf daunting, especially if unfamiliar with common Mediterranean dishes, but the servers are always more than willing to offer a detailed explanation of the dishes to those who ask. Everything at Grape Leaf is made fresh, so don't arrive starving or you may get impatient. The wait is definitely worth it when your entree arrives at your table.


Maido is definitely one of the best sushi restaurants in town, serving a number of rolls alongside traditional Japanese fare. However, the service is spotty, and on a busy night you're likely to have a significant wait for your food. However, if you have nowhere to be and simply want to enjoy great sushi with a friend, Maido is the place to go. Don't leave without trying the Osaka Blue roll.

Pat's Steakhouse

Many people argue that Pat's Steakhouse is the best steakhouse in town, and they may be right. Pat's puts chain restaurants like Longhorn and Buckhead's to shame with its perfectly-seasoned melt-in-your-mouth steaks and some of the best cocktails in town. The service is usually terrific, but the cost can be a bit hard to swallow if you're not expecting to pay fine dining prices. Still, if you're looking to splurge for what might be the best steak you've had in your life, Pat's Steakhouse is a good place to go all in.


In comparison to the number of Asian and Mexican restaurants in Louisville, we're sort of lacking in Italian food choices. However, Porcini makes up for the few local Italian dining choices with their delicious, traditional Italian fare. For original and unique menu items and just a slightly higher price, Porcini should win out over Olive Garden every time. If your family loves Olive Garden, try Porcini sometime – you'll definitely leave satisfied.


Shiraz is another great Clifton Mediterranean restaurant, though it might be the most cost-conscious option of all of the best Clifton restaurants. In fact, for those singles out there that hate to cook an entire meal just for one person, Shiraz is a tasty treat that won't cost you much more than preparing a comparatively-bland meal at home. The hummus is to die for, and the service is always great. You will feel at home dining at Shiraz.

The Irish Rover

(c) 2008 Jessica Elliott
The Irish Rover in Louisville is a small, crowded restaurant with an atmosphere that suits its name. The outside of the establishment sports a dining deck and is crowded with greenery; the inside is decorated with wood tables, booths, and floors as well as blown-up black and white photographs. The tables are crowded together and not large, so sometimes finding a place for everything is akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle. But, the overall experience is what I would imagine a meal in a real Irish diner would be.

Tony Boombozz

What makes Tony Boombozz different from the chain pizza restaurants in Louisville is that pizza at Tony Boombozz is made with high-quality ingredients and arranged in interesting and original ways. With pizza choices like Fajita, Portobello Bello, and Steak and Potatoes, dining at Tony Boombozz's pizzeria will change the way you think about pizza.


For unique, light fare, Varanese is the place to go on Frankfort Avenue. Varanese is operated by Chef John Varanese who you'll usually catch preparing food and visiting with customers during a visit to the restaurant. Occasionally, a quiet band will play, adding to the casual ambiance of the restaurant. There are also plenty of menu options to please local vegetarians. If you're not a vegetarian, definitely try the mahi mahi and ahi tuna entrée choices.

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