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Best Louisville Fish Restaurants


Whether you're a seafood lover or a Catholic looking for some non-meat options on a Friday during Lent, you'll want to know where to find all of the best Louisville fish restaurants. Once you've eaten at these places, you'll never want to go back to Captain D's or Red Lobster again.

Mike Linnig's

Located in the South End off of Cane Run Road, Mike Linnig's has been a local favorite Louisville fish restaurant for decades. They serve fried fish, shrimp, oysters, frog legs, turtle soup, and onion rings. Many people especially enjoy dining at Mike Linnig's when it's nice outside because they have a huge outdoor dining area with beer for the adults and swing sets for the kids.

Mitchell's Fish Market

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Mitchell's Fish Market is a chain restaurant with only one establishment in Louisville at the Summit outlet mall. Inside, the restaurant is open and cozy with dark woods and tall ceilings. The menu of fresh fish is extensive and changes by day and season, and the prices are surprisingly reasonable considering the restaurant's location.

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill is a fresh fish restaurant and steakhouse located off of Hurstbourne Parkway in J-town. The owners of Bonefish Grill wanted to open a restaurant that would make fish less mysterious to people who aren't used to eating seafood. If you're afraid to jump right into chowing down on oysters or sushi, Bonefish Grill is probably a great place to start getting your fins wet when it comes to seafood dining.

Hill Street Fish Fry

Hill Street Fish Fry is located in Old Louisville Their menu claims that they have the best rolled oysters in town, but their signature menu item is their fried fish served in individual portions or in a box for two. Their offerings of onion rings and coleslaw and their extremely reasonable prices make Hill Street Fish Fry a fabulous alternative to a dinner at Long John Silvers or Captain D's.

Carolina Shrimp Co.

Carolina Shrimp Co. has been serving shrimp and seafood in Louisville for more than a decade at their Westport Road location. The laid-back diner serves its seafood across a counter, but the food is nothing like what you'd get at a fast food joint. While fresh, steamed shrimp is the restaurant's specialty, Carolina Shrimp Co. also offers New England cod, Long Island oysters, and sea scallops.

Z's Oyster Bar

Z's Oyster Bar is a four-star restaurant and steakhouse that offers a variety of fresh seafood choices from Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Z's Oyster Bar has an award-winning wine list that features more than 600 different bottles. If you're looking to have an upscale seafood dinner, Z's is the place to go.

The Fish House

Located in Louisville's Germantown neighborhood, The Fish House is unique in a sea of local seafood eateries in the preparation of its food in Kentucky Green River style – covered in pepper and cornbread for a hearty, spicy seafood breading. It's a laid-back, inexpensive Louisville fish restaurant that's a great substitute for dinner at Moby Dick or Kingfish.

Islamorada Fish Co.

Islamorada Fish Co. is a chain seafood establishment located inside of Bass Pro Shops throughout the U.S. In Kentuckiana, Islamorada Fish Co. is located in the Bass Pro Shops Clarksville location at the site of the old River Falls Mall. Islamorada Fish Co. is a great substitute for those who like Red Lobster but are looking to try something new.

Stan's Fish Sandwich

Stan's Fish Sandwich is a casual restaurant with simple but tasty food. The locally-owned Louisville fish restaurant has been recognized numerous times for having the best fish sandwich in Louisville. And the best part about Stan's Fish Sandwich is the high standards they have for the fish they serve – they refuse to buy or sell anything that isn't fresh and chemical-free.

Macca's Florida Seafood Bar & Grill

Macca's Florida Seafood Bar and Grill is a Louisville fish restaurant that specializes in serving popular Florida dishes. At Macca's you can get king crab legs, gator tail, clams, coconut shrimp, and scallops among other seafood delicacies. Best of all, the portions are huge and the prices are extremely reasonable.

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