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Best of Louisville Kentucky

A guide to the best of Louisville. Find the top Louisville schools, the best bars in Louisville, Louisville’s best restaurants, and the city’s top attractions.

Valentine's Day Dinner
Where can I have a romantic Valentine's Day dinner in Louisville?

Top 5 Pizza Places in Louisville
Best pizza in Louisville, KY.

Top 5 Local Coffee Shops
Where to get a cup of joe.

Top 10 Christmas Activities
Where to get in the Christmas spirit.

Top 10 Things to Do with Guests
Have visitors? Here are a handful of things to do...

What is the Bourbon Trail?
Explore the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

What is the URBAN Bourbon Trail?
Learn more about bourbon while sipping at a stop on the Urban Bourbon Trail.

Best Burgers in Louisville, KY
Where to find a great burger in Louisville, KY

An Annual Event, St. James Court Art Show

Art fairs in in Louisville, KY.

Rides at the Kentucky State Fair
Have fun at the fair!


Main Street Walking Tour
With historic cast iron buildings, museums, hotels, and restaurants, there is something for everyone.

Celebrating Thunder at the Cressman Center
The launch of the Kentucky Derby season!


Main Branch of Louisville Free Public Library
Visit the historic downtown branch of the library.

Best Louisville Breweries
Where are the local breweries in Louisville?

Best Restaurants for a Vegan Meal
Whether you are a lifelong vegan or are simply dabbling with a healthier lifestyle, Louisville has many dining options to choose from.

Man About Town Cocktail Recipe
A cocktail recipe from Rye.

Best Places to Buy Louisville Gifts
Where to buy a Louisville or Kentucky-themed gift.

Seviche: A Latin Restaurant
Seviche serves up fresh, flavorful food in a casual atmosphere.

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions
Top 10 New Year's resolutions, and how to get started.

Seviche: A Latin Restaurant
Seviche serves up fresh, flavorful food in a casual atmosphere.

Seelbach Hotel
The Seelbach is a slice of Louisville history.

GonzoFest Louisville
Celebrate the life of Hunter S. Thompson at GonzoFest.

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Louisville, KY
Where is the best Mexican food in Louisville, KY?

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