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Louisville Kids Attractions

Things to Do with Kids in Louisville


Iroquois Riding Stables

If you have kids that are big enough to get on a horse, you may want to consider taking them to the Iroquois Park horse stables. For a moderate hourly rate, visitors to the horse stables can ride their horses throughout the park on special horse trails.

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese may be an obvious place to take your kids for a day of fun, but it's still worth mentioning because of its popularity. I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid and loving it, and if I took my daughter to Chuck E. Cheese every day for a year, I don't think she would ever get bored with it. Chuck E. Cheese specializes in video and interactive games.

Incredible Dave's

Incredible Dave's is a restaurant and activity center located on Westport Road in Louisville that is in many ways a Chuck E. Cheese for older kids and adults. Incredible Dave's offers several amenities that make it a fun place for both adults and kids, including a full-service restaurant, cosmic bowling, bungee jumping, a sports bar, a coffee shop, wireless Internet, an inflatables obstacle course, a Wii lounge, and an X-Box lounge.

Rauch Planetarium

Rauch Planetarium is located on the University of Louisville Belknap Campus. The Rauch Planetarium offers all kinds of events and shows for all ages throughout the year. For young children, the Planetarium offers Cosmic Explorer Workshops, and for older children and adults, the Planetarium offers laser light shows. The Rauch Planetarium is a good place to learn about space and astronomy as well as to have a lot of fun with the family.

Build and Grow Clinics at Lowe's

If your kids like building things, they'll love the Build and Grow Workshop at Lowe's where they can build a wooden project. They'll also get several other freebies just for participating.

Home Depot Kids Workshops

Kids Workshops at the Home Depot are designed for kids aged 5 to 12 and are offered on the first Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to Noon. In these workshops, kids will create one of a variety of projects, such as toolboxes, fire trucks, and birdhouses.

IU Southeast Ogle Center Children's Series

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The Ogle Center at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana, hosts a number of free shows for children throughout the year. Every year brings new shows which are appropriate for children of all ages.

Events at the Louisville Free Public Library

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There are tons of free events for children of all ages going on every day at Louisville Free Public Library locations all over the city. You can view upcoming events by clicking the link above.

Yew Dell Gardens

Yew Dell Gardens is a huge expanse of beautiful plants, many of which are rare. Kids will enjoy the plants as well as some of the garden's other decorations, including a stone castle. You'll have to pay to get yourself in, but kids aged 12 and under get into the gardens for free.
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