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List of Louisville Haunted Houses 2010


Halloween is one of Louisville's biggest holidays, and there are tons of Louisville haunted houses to go to if you're looking for a good scare. Here's where to find all of the best Louisville haunted houses:

13 Fears

13 Fears is a haunted house in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, that is housed in a 5,000 square foot warehouse. Admission to 13 Fears for all ages is $13 (Write a Review of 13 Fears).

Baxter Avenue Morgue

The Baxter Avenue Morgue is a 100-year old morgue with a basement that is converted into a haunted house every Halloween. It is located in the Highlands. General Admission to the haunted house at the Baxter Avenue Morgue in 2010 is $25 (Write a Review of Baxter Avenue Morgue).

Cobb's Haunt

Cobb's Haunt is an 11-acre haunted corn maze in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. There are no lights and flashlights aren't allowed, making it even more difficult and terrifying to find your way through the maze. Cobb's Haunt will be open on Fridays and Saturdays through October. Tickets to Cobb's Haunt are $15 (Write a Review of Cobb's Haunt).

Culbertson Mansion

In 1888, the carriage house at the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana, was struck by lightning. It burned to the ground, killing everyone inside. Servants that were asked to live in the carriage house after that refused, claiming that the house was haunted by the people who died in the fire. In October of every year since 1985, the Culbertson Mansion carriage house has been transformed into a haunted house. Admission to the Culbertson Mansion haunted house in 2010 is $13 (Write a Review of Culbertson Mansion).

Danger Run

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While Danger Run is actually a ghost run rather than a haunted house, each entry into Danger Run gets its participant free tickets to two haunted houses on this list, though exactly which haunted houses are a surprise (Write a Review of Danger Run).

Deere Farms Haunted Maze, Woods, and Farm

Deere Farms Haunted Maze, Woods, and Farm is a haunted hike in Lanesville, Indiana, that takes you through two corn mazes, a haunted woods, and several abandoned buildings and barns. The admission cost for Deere Farms Haunted Maze, Woods, and Farm in 2010 is $15 (Write a Review of Deere Farms Haunted Maze, Woods, and Farm).

Darkness Falls on Asylum

Darkness Falls on Asylum is a haunted forest that takes approximately 30 minutes to navigate. Tickets to Darkness Falls on Asylum in 2010 are $20, and each ticket comes with a coupon that allows you to come back and play paintball at Asylum Extreme on a later date.

Field of Screams

The Field of Screams is one of the largest Louisville haunted houses set on a six-acre corn field that operates as a difficult maze as well as a haunted house. The best part about Field of Screams is that it generally takes about an hour to make your way through the maze, which is much more time than your money will get you at any other haunted house in the area. Admission to the Field of Screams in 2010 is $20, but you can get discount coupons at all Meijer gas stations (Write a Review of Field of Screams).

Governor's Square Massacre

The Governor's Square Massacre is a haunted house in Shelbyville hosted by the Shelbyville Fire Department. In 2010, the Governor's Square Massacre will be open every Friday and Saturday in October from 7 p.m. through midnight. Tickets are $10 (Write a Review of Governor's Square Massacre).

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