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Clifton Center 2014-2015 Season

The Clifton Center is once again presenting award-winning roots, jazz, world, and classical music performers from around the world (as well as thought-provoking films, lectures, and educational outreach events) for their 2014-2015 season.

PGA Championship at the Valhalla Golf Club

PGA Championship at the Valhalla Golf Club in August 2014. The golf community focuses at Valhalla once again—156 of the best players in the world compete for the Wanamaker Trophy.

Back-To-School Supplies

Need back-to-school supplies? Dress code outfits? Save money at these IN and KY stores. (Or stop in one store and sweep up all your needs at once!)

Copper & Kings: A Brandy Distillery in Louisville

A small batch craft brandy joint joins the distilleries of Kentucky. It's not just bourbon anymore, although there is still plenty of that for bourbon lovers, too. Plus, this is a cutting-edge space, with an art gallery, event space, and more...

Eating a Plant-Based Diet

Going vegan isn't difficult. Make friends, dine out, or cook at home (there are tips on how to make fantastic hummus) while adopting a healthy lifestyle.

3 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day

A guide to Bastille Day in Louisville, KY. French food and fun (along with why Louisville is named Louisville).

Top 10 July Events

What is there to do in July in and around Louisville, KY? Plenty! Outdoor movies, Forecastle, Bastille parties (and Lebowski Fest, and July 4th...)

Actors Theatre of Louisville 2014-2015

What is on stage at Actors Theatre this year? Standards like A Christmas Carol (which has been completely redesigned and rebuilt) along with...

3 Ways to Keep Picnic Food Safe

How to keep food safe on a picnic—from cooking and storing to packing. Picnics are for relaxing (not for worrying about food poison).

4 Pools and 30+ Spraygrounds

If you are looking for an outdoor pool (or a sprayground) in Louisville, here is the list for you. With over 30 spraygrounds and four public pools, there are options for staying cool this summer.

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